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Thoughts on learning, leading and living.


IMG_20140824_135245In May of 2014, with the end of the school year fast approaching, I began to reflect on my own journey as an educator and how I have come to view the interplay of all elements of learning and teaching.  While the Accelerated Learning Framework, (, continues to organize my thinking and decision-making, I knew that it was time to go deeper – it was time to get REAL!

At the core of what drives me to be a better teacher and person is the fact that I love learning and teaching.  I love to watch my students engaged in the discovery of their own creativity and talents and support them as they develop skills that will enrich their lives today and tomorrow.  I feel compelled to continue the ‘ripple effect’ that has been prominent through my life and career.  A journey that has been impacted by relationships, expectations, authenticity and learning.

Within this section of my personal blog I will explore each of the four areas – relationships, expectations, authenticity and learning, through short narratives and the learning that I have gained from these experiences.  As you read these examples, I invite you to think of your own narratives.  How can they inspire you to focus on getting REAL each day?

I will be launching this conceptual framework with my students this September.  Our ongoing work will be published on our class blog:

Please follow our journey this year and connect with us if our work inspires you, makes you question, or prompts you to get REAL within your own space within our world.




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